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C C++ TAPI Source Code for Computer Answering Machine and Voice Mail Software
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TAPI C C++ Code For Voice Modem.
Phone Answering and Recording Software Source Code in C C++ For Voice Modem.
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  I just downloaded a demo version of EzVoice and was very amazed with the looks and feels of the software. Being a programmer myself, I am pleased with the way you managed to encapsulate such complexity in a very easy to use, idiot friendly, environment. Two large thumbs up for the interface.
Mickael (Canada)
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Click here to listen to a windows media clip provided by radio station - FM100.3 TheQ! Victoria, BC, Canada.

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Did somebody call for me? With all the answering machines and voice mail applications, you hardly have to ask that anymore. EzVoice will act as your personal answering service. If you're familiar with your e-mail e-mail client, you won't have any problems using this thing. It includes ten voice mail boxes and a caller ID. You can also affix virtual notes to your messages, and search for old messages, too. Throw away that clunky machine that chews up those tiny analog cassettes. Forget about paying the phone company another red dime. Take the EZ way out.

Lockergnome (USA)
Modem C C++ TAPI Source Code For Answering Machine and Voice Mail Software

C/C++ TAPI Source Code Package - EzVoice 1.1.1

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EzVoice 1.1.1 was the early version of EzVoice. It is a typical example of how TAPI can be used to develop a feature-rich computer answering machine product. It has been downloaded world wide for more than 80,000 copies. Now the source code for this wonderful product is available for commercial use for a one-time fee of US$180.00

Why Use EzVoice 1.1.1 Source Code Package

By reading TAPI documentations through MSDN, you can get a rough idea about TAPI. However, due to a variety of modems and telephone cards, it is very difficult for you to write correct code and accommodate all possibilities on various Windows OS and hardware platforms. For example, some modems do not detect disconnection after the caller hangs up, so you have to implement silence detection to deal with this. In other cases, modems simply drop calls a few seconds after getting connected. Then you have to use other ways to maintain the call progress. To handling all these possibilities including driver issues is not an easy job. Fortunately, EzVoice 1.1.1 has been downloaded and tested world wide for more than 80,000 copies. It has resolved all these problems. If you want to integrate it into your application and save months and even years of hard work, please order it now

Your Rights and License Terms

Once you have purchased the complete source code package, you can modify and integrate them to your own projects and sell it royalty free. The only limitation is: you can not re-sell the original EzVoice 1.1.1 in source code format. 

Technical Details For TAPI Source Code - EzVoice 1.1.1


This software package is written in C and SDK, no MFC specific classes, supports TAPI v1.4, up to v2.2. It runs on one line / modem and can be easily modified to handle multiple lines and modems. The package are compiled by Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 6.0 Enterprise Version. The major modules can be divided into the following categories.

Wave device modules include:

  • Volume gain control.
  • Silence detection. 
  • Sound device capability discovery.
  • Sound format conversion using ACM stream library.
  • Load and save RIFF files.
  • Recording/playing wave sound.

Phone answering modules include:

  • Automatic discovery of TAPI capabilities for modem lines.
  • Auto hang up upon silence or disconnect.
  • Caller ID capture.
  • Multiple mailboxes support. (Easily extendable)
  • DTMF Remote message retrieval module.

GUI modules include:

  • Treeview and Listview. (drag and drop support, etc)
  • Statusbar, toolbar and system tray module.
  • Split window implemented in straight C, SDK.
  • IE Explore like menu bar.
  • Property, popup and dialog windows.

The above is just a small illustration of the major functions. Once you have it, you will find it does much more and all modules can be modified to accommodate your own needs.

Technical Support

Only one email with maximum three questions to answer your compilation errors, no other support will be provided. Contact email: ezvoice@sunshinesoftsolutions.com. 

Purchase EzVoice 1.1.1 Source Code Package (US$180.00)


To purchase EzVoice 1.1.1. source code package online use your credit card, simply click the link below. You will be able to download the source code package immediately upon completion of the transaction.

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