Version History

EzVoice 3.5: January 31st, 2014

  1. Fix: Poor sound quality when voice messages are forwarded through email.
  2. Fix: Email encoding issues for attachment.
  3. Enhance: mail server protocols.
  4. Improved user manual.

EzVoice 3.4: April 8th, 2013

  1. Fix: modem driver issues on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.
  2. Fix: Email sending bugs for Google.
  3. Enhance: Sound quality.
  4. Improved user manual.

EzVoice 3.3: February 1st, 2008

  1. Change: Miscellany cosmetic improvements.
  2. Change: Miscellany corrections in help file.

EzVoice 3.2: December 30th, 2005

  1. New: Toll Saver support.
  2. New: Block caller by playing a customized announcement.
  3. New: Auto-enhance sound quality for both call and greeting recording.
  4. Change: All prompts for remote retrieval (Thanks to Adam Bottjen).
  5. Change: Time format from dd/mm/yyyy to yyyy/mm/dd.
  6. Fix: Miscellany corrections in help file (Thanks to Randolph MacKenzie).
  7. Fix: Remove duplicated entries in address book.
  8. Fix: Sometimes can not record customized greeting in address book.

EzVoice 3.1: November 21st, 2005

  1. New: Allow block anonymous calls e.g. unknown, private.
  2. New: Auto-copy caller phone number to address book.
  3. New: Block this caller function.
  4. New: Add icon on toolbar.
  5. New: Auto-forward junk calls to Bulk Call folder.
  6. Enhance: Change time format from military to normal.
  7. Enhance: Shorter email notification message.
  8. Enhance: Include mailbox number in notification.
  9. Enhance: Add "reply to" on email configuration window.
  10. Enhance: End of call detection.
  11. Fix: Sound recording bug.
  12. Fix: Sometimes sound is not played.
  13. Fix: minor miscellany bugs. 

EzVoice 3.0 Build 5991: February 7th, 2005

  1. Fix: On some modems, call blocking is too fast by hanging up.
  2. Fix: Display wrong email notification status.
  3. Fix: Remote retrieval deletion bug.
  4. Fix: Other minor bug fixes.
  5. Enhance: Alert sound playing.
  6. Enhance: Call blocking modules.
  7. Enhance: More FAQ in user manual plus other minor corrections.

EzVoice 3.0: January 18th, 2005

  1. New: Re-designed GUI look including icons, buttons etc.
  2. New: Block unwanted calls and telemarketers.
  3. New: Notification through email.
  4. New: Sound alert through speaker.
  5. New: Voice messages can now be played at any position.
  6. New: Wildcard phone number matching.
  7. Enhance: Remote retrieval.
  8. Enhance: Improve performance for processing over 10,000 messages.
  9. Enhance: more FAQs in user manual.
  10. Fix: Tree view display crash bug.
  11. Fix: Many miscellany bug fixes.

EzVoice 2.2: November 22nd, 2004

  1. New: XP style menus.
  2. New: Gradient fill buttons.
  3. New: Disconnect upon call length. (Limit call length).
  4. Enhance: Remote retrieve multiple mailboxes.
  5. Enhance: Remote retrieval response time.
  6. Enhance: Silence detection algorithm.
  7. Enhance: more FAQs in user manual.
  8. Enhance: Sound quality.
  9. Fix: Unable to hang up calls on certain modems.
  10. Fix: Mailbox sorting does not work.
  11. Fix: Newly added address entries are not looked up correctly.

EzVoice 2.1: July 15th, 2004

  1. Fix: crash on some Windows ME machines when answering calls.
  2. Fix: incidental disconnect bug during remote retrieval.
  3. Enhance: overall sound audio quality.
  4. Enhance: silence detection.
  5. Enhance: remote retrieval.
  6. Enhance: user manual readability.
  7. New: reverse lookup caller name from address book.
  8. New: play ring sound through speaker.

EzVoice 2.0.1: August 7th, 2003

  1. Fix: losing license key and other info after reboot and log off.
  2. Change: Add startup icon during setup.

EzVoice 2.0: July 19th, 2003

  1. New: Completely new GUI look.
  2. New: Address book.
  3. New: Customized greetings for different callers.
  4. New: Pre-screen call through speaker.
  5. New: Blink icon upon new calls.
  6. New: Log all calls even caller did not leave a message.
  7. New: User manual.
  8. Fix: Numerous bug fixes including sound, call and modem.

EzVoice 1.1.1 Build 480: February 6th, 2003

  1. Fix: Sometimes the recorded sound is static.
  2. Fix: Deleted message will be moved to the root folder.
  3. Changes: User can purchase the software through SoftWrap.
  4. Changes: Improved user manual.

EzVoice 1.1.1 Build 360: March 3rd, 2002

  1. Change: Improved sound quality.
  2. Change: Improved user manual.

EzVoice 1.1.1: July 9th, 2001

  1. Change: Allow selection of recording and playing devices for the greeting.
  2. Change: The green color for toolbar can be disabled.
  3. Change: Improved user manual.

EzVoice 1.1: May 21st, 2001

  1. Change: User can choose greeting levels for one or more mailboxes.
  2. Fix: error messages during startup and automatic modem detection.
  3. Change: Improved modem volume adjustment: Automatic Control and Manual Mode.
  4. Change: Added debug options.
  5. Change: Improved user manual.

EzVoice 1.0: April 2nd, 2001

  1. Numerous bug fixes.

EzVoice 1.0 Beta: January 9th, 2001

  1. Birthday of EzVoice.