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EzVoice has been selected as Doctor File Finder's Pick by Michael E. Callahan, the world's leading expert on shareware and known around the world by the trademarked name "Dr. File Finder".

  EzVoice has won Paul's Pick 5 star Shareware Award in year 2003. Paul's Pick is one of the renowned awards in the shareware industry. Only high quality software applications will receive this award.
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Click here to listen to a windows media clip provided by radio station - FM100.3 TheQ! Victoria, BC, Canada.

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 User Testimony

Hey the software EzVoice is amazing!! It's the best answering machine software I have ever seen. The ease of use and flexibility is amazing.

Jay (USA)

Yes, I too am very happy with this program, it's user friendly, and has enough options to please. I might be ignorant, but although I live in Australia (different phone systems) it did not phase EzVoice at all..., Keep it up, well done from Australia! 

Craig (Australia)

...I have tried a number of telephone programs, but yours is the only one that worked straight away without having to fiddle with it, and it is also the easiest to use...

Stanley (UK)

This is the BEST program I have ever downloaded! Quick and easy to install, worked perfectly the very first time, and I didn't even have to use the help manual to get started! The interface is straightforward, ... It is amazing. No other answering machine has worked for me, and I truly appreciate this one. 

Merri (Canada)
PC Answering Machine Software

EzVoice (US$28.60) - Answering Machine Software.


Do you want your computer to answer your phone calls and allow you to pre-screen and block unwanted calls or telemarketers?

Do you want to get email notification of new messages on your pager or cellular phone?

Do you want to customize different greetings for your friends, biz partners and relatives?

If you own a small business, do you want to announce products, sales and order info in different voicemail boxes, and delivering a trustworthy image to your customers?

If you say yes and want many other telephone features, please free try this answering machine software here.

PC Phone Recording Software

EzPhone Recorder (US$49.95) - PC Phone Recorder.


Do you want to record phone conversations for future references?

Do you want to monitor your phone line for outgoing calls?

Do you want to auto-record calls selectively e.g. automatically record calls from your biz partners but not those from your relatives?

Do you want to attach notes or memos to your phone messages, organize them under different folders, and search them quickly?

If so, please download a free trial copy of this phone recording software here.

C C++ TAPI Source Code

C/C++ TAPI Source Code (US$180.00).


Do you want to add telephone answering support to your application such as caller id, voicemail, DTMF detection, and so on?

Do you want a reliable TAPI solution that has been downloaded world wide and thoroughly tested?

Are you under schedule pressure and want to ship these features ASAP?

If YES, please consider purchasing complete EzVoice 1.1.1 source code package, an award winning phone answering machine software application. More...

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